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THINK Canberra

THINK CANBERRA for your next conference

With Australia’s leading research and cultural institutions based in Canberra, the city has a reputation as the nation’s intellectual and cultural hub.

With impressive influence in the world of research, innovation and industry leadership, Canberra is home to many global thought leaders.

You can leverage this wealth of knowledge through THINK CANBERRA, a program underpinned by the Canberra Convention Bureau’s Research and Learning Institutes Group (RALIG). RALIG enables you to foster relationships between your business event and Canberra’s knowledge communities.

Individually and collectively, the 20 institutes comprising RALIG share a common pursuit of innovation in research and education, and continuously strive for knowledge sharing and openness.

Our team at the Bureau can help connect you with key influencers within Canberra’s rich intellectual and cultural RALIG community.


Canberra’s research, culture and learning institutes are part of the THINK CANBERRA community, dedicated to knowledge sharing and openness.

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